How To Manage Waste In A Corporate Organization

Generation of waste materials is inevitable for an organization, especially if it is a large scale production company that utilizes several tonnes of raw materials on a regular basis. Steps must be taken to properly dispose these wastes in a manner that will cause little or no harm to the environment if an organization is to be sustainable in its conduct. However, with the ever increasing customer demand for organizational products and the pressure from NGO’s and the government for efficient waste disposal, it has become more of a necessity than a choice. This article contains a few points that you may find helpful managing the wastes generated in an environmentally friendly manner.

Calculate the volume of organizational waste

According to a research study it has been found that the Australian business sector alone generates about 1.7 tonnes of waste per employee per year and only half of that is being subjected to recycling! Similarly, calculate just how much waste is generated by your organization for a specified period of time. More often than not, waste materials are mostly composed of the excess raw materials that were not utilized in the production process. Accordingly, look into the efficient allocation of raw materials to reduce the volume of waste so that the bin hire Dandenong frequency can be reduced for the company.

Electronic waste disposal

Electronic waste disposal must be given special care because inefficient disposal of these substances can lead to serious environmental issues. The city of Guiyu in China is the largest electronic waste disposal site in the world, and it has been found that about 80% of the children there are suffering from respiratory diseases. If these materials are subjected to recycling, such consequences wouldn’t occur. Advice you employees to direct all their e-wastes to a specified bin in the floor which will later be transferred to larger bins. Skip bin hire is a great way to acquire easily transportable bins for disposal of e-wastes. Check this link to find out more details.

Remove disposable water bottles from your office

Replace the bottled water with glasses and filters to reduce the amount of plastic waste that is created by the enterprise. A very large volume of petroleum is utilized in the production of plastic water bottles and it has been proven that bottled water is 2000 times more expensive than a same volume of tap water. As such, bidding farewell to these annoying plastic containers will benefit the organization from a financial and environmental point of view.

Reduce packaging

Significant amounts of wastes are created by the materials used in packaging worldwide. By carefully evaluating the need for packaging, these numbers can be brought down. Some of the methods of reducing an organizations material allocation for packaging would be to pack in large bulks, use reusable plastic wrapping instead of wood and cardboard and completely removing the need for packaging by transporting canned and hard packed products as individual units.