Essential Features Every Dog Care Centre Must Possess

How to ensure that your dog will be taken care of well while you are away? Obviously, leaving it in a day care centre is much better than your home, particularly when you know that you will be gone for quite a long time. But before selecting a random dog care centre, there are several things you need to take into account.You have been raising your pet for so long that it is now an integral part of your family. Obviously, you will only want the best of the best caretakers to handle your four-legged family member while you are busy with other commitments. For that effect, make sure the puppy day care in Sydney you selected includes all of the following:\"doggy

Plenty of Facilities

A dog day care centre usually handles a large number of animals per day, and this means that it needs enough space and other facilities to do this successfully. Animals who are confined to restricted spaces will suffer and feel stressed, which negatively affects their health. Ultimately this can lead to sickness and various diseases, which is obviously a big no for dog lovers.

Qualified Staff to Take Care of the Pups

The available staff should not only be qualified enough to take care of the dogs, but their numbers must be sufficient as well. There are many dog care centres who suffer from being understaffed, which means that workers won’t be able to take care of all the dogs properly due to having to keep watch of too many animals at once.

Friendliness Towards Customers
Nobody wants to deal with problematic people whenever handing them their dog. All of the working staff and managers must be friendly and open to answering any questions they get asked from their many visitors. If you think that you are not getting the necessary treatment, stop for a moment and think about your dog? Are you fine with leaving your dear pup in a place like this?

Regard for the Animal’s Well-Being

It is often advised to do a quick tour of a doggy day care Cremorne in order to get a general idea of the place. Most of all, try to see how the animals are treated. Do you see workers being overly pushy or aggressive? Do the animals look stressed and tired? Is there a good level of communication between dogs and workers?


A dirty and mostly messy day care can harbour several diseases which could affect your dog. Never leave it in a place that is not properly maintained, as both you and your dog (particularly the latter) will suffer as a consequence.