CommonChinese Medicinal TreatmentsTo Improve Your Health

Although acupuncture is proven to be more than just a placebo treatment, trusting in the process and regularly going through sessions can help increase your chances to conceive. We’re rooting for your success!Although traditional Chinese treatments have been around for millennia, it seems that more and more people today are turning to these alternative procedures to alleviate their medical predicaments – or to improve their health & wellbeing. It may be due to the many side effects and high prices found in common pharmaceuticals, despite having rapidly advanced over the years.These used to be looked-down on by the medical community, but numerous successful studies have confirmed the efficacy of, prompting many health practitioners to reconsider. Today, patients are encouraged to try them out, as they have been proven to increase the healing capabilities of modern medicine.Here is a list of common Chinese medicinal treatments (in no particular order) you can try by contacting a local TCM licensed clinic:

Of all available Chinese medicine treatments, acupuncture clinic Sydney is arguably one of the most well-known procedures. It uses tiny needles, inserted at various acupuncture points found throughout the body. There are around 2000 of these points that are said to “conduct energy” (known as Qi), all of which are connected by 12 meridians. The Chinese believed that acupuncture helped the Qi flow freely throughout the body, promoting a more balanced state.Studies have shown that the needles actually stimulate nerves that send signals to the brain, which release hormones and neurotransmitters that help relieve chronic pain, mental health issues, stress, infertility, and virtually any other illness known to man.

GuaSha is a type of TCM that aims to release toxins or unhealthy elements found at the surface of the skin. This is done by scraping a specific area until red spots or light bruising occurs. It is believed to increase blood flow to the scraped area, thus promoting cell repair and recovery. This is aimed to treat illnesses such as muscle pain, migraines, and flus.

Tui Na
Tui Na is a sometimes vigorous massage that is used to treat chronic pain and musculoskeletal issues. It aims to get the energy moving in your muscles by rubbing, pressing, and kneading it with herbal ointments and heat, in order to activate your body’s “defensive qi”.

Cupping banks on the same idea of acupressure points, but uses cups instead of needles to produce a suction on the skin. The oxygen inside a cup is removed with a flammable substance, which is then taken out before placing the cup on an afflicted area. This is a great method for releasing tension in the muscles.Make sure you choose a reputable clinic with qualified practitioners to administer your preferred treatment.